SINCE 2006

A German
Bangladesh Joint Venture


The SAG Group consists of three companies with different ranges of services.

SAG Fashion Ltd.

Our full service textile production, as a production and export company forms the core of the group of companies.

Digifab Ltd. 

The Digital Print Unit of the SAG Group not only handles internal print jobs, but also distributes all-over printed fabrics for the local market, or for export to Europe.

SAG Fashion International Ltd.

For all items that we do not manufacture in-house, we act as a buying house with our own QC team at the request of our customers.

The right partner for your textile production

SAG Fashion is one of the few companies in Bangladesh that also has German-speaking management.

  • Bangladesh-German Joint Venture Company.
  • Constantly controlled working conditions.
  • Environmental standards at the highest level.
  • Certificates: amfori BSCI | OEKO-TEX® | ACCORD / RSC.

To our services

It has always been a great advantage for our customers that we can offer them German management and thus a German contact person.
Especially the consistent understanding in the areas of: Communication, quality, safety and on-time delivery is highly appreciated.

Every single production step at SAG Fashion is based on the pursuit of quality, sustainability and the well-being of our employees. For these reasons, we do not accept orders that come about via unapproved 'subcontracts' and generally work directly with our customers from the German and European markets.


The most frequently asked questions briefly explained

From yarn to finished product. We realize all production steps in our own company.
1What services does the SAG Group offer?
SAG Fashion sees itself as a full-service partner, covering all phases of textile production in-house. We will be happy to assist you from the creation of the design, through the selection of materials, to the manufacture and export of the finished product. Of course, this also includes the printing or finishing of textiles. We are the right partner for customers who want to outsource the entire textile production process instead of coordinating the various steps with various partners.
2How does SAG Fashion differ from its competitors?
We are one of the few companies in Bangladesh that has German management and can therefore offer a German contact person. Every single production step at SAG Fashion is based on the commitment to quality and sustainability that you would also expect from a production facility in Europe. Therefore, we do not accept orders that come through illegal subcontracts or local agencies.
3What products can I have produced at SAG Fashion?
With the establishment of SAG Fashion, we initially focused on the production of high quality jersey, knitwear and knitted fabrics. This includes all types of outerwear to functional textiles such as sportswear, or even workwear.From the purchase of yarn to the individual finishing and packaging of your product, we offer you the full range of possibilities to realize your project.
4What products are the specialty of SAG Fashion?
With the construction of our new building, we have expanded our production capabilities and additionally specialized in "All Over Digital Printing". Our new printing unit is focused on sublimation printing of polyester fabrics as well as reactive printing of cotton and natural fibers. Fabrics printed in this way can be used, for example, for sportswear or swimwear, but also for shirts and home textiles. Another branch is our newest production unit for so-called Puffer Jackets, i.e. winter jackets made of synthetic material, down or synthetic fibers.
5What are the consequences of textile production for the environment?
As a socially responsible company, environmentally friendly production processes are also close to our hearts. Since 2006, we have subjected our products to independent tests for harmful substances and thus offer our customers OEKTO TEX® certified textiles. Product labeling with the "Confidence in Textiles" label and thus the proven harmlessness of textile products is an additional selling point that, according to surveys, is more important to consumers than price, functionality or brand.
6How does the SAG Group deal with the issue of social responsibility?
Since our company was founded, we have paid attention to a controlled transparent production chain. We recognized early on that fair working conditions and a strict code of conduct are the basis for a healthy company, satisfied employees and thus high-quality products. Precisely for these reasons, all stages of our production are subject to strict social requirements, which are regularly monitored by independent institutions.

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